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Matched funding campaign 2020-2022

Matched funding campaign 2020-2022

To continue capitalising the Finnish universities, the Government has launched a matched funding scheme. It means that the state will give a sum of money for each donated euro that the universities raise between 15 June 2020 and 30 June 2022.



The matched funding campaign is based on a decision by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra to capitalise the universities with a one-off contribution of 100 million euro. Based on research impact criteria, 33 million euro will be allocated to the Finnish universities in autumn 2020 and, based on fundraising that entitles the universities to receive matched funding from the Finnish Government, 67 million euro will be allocated in autumn 2022. The matched funding received by any individual university may not exceed 11 million euro.

Donations are eligible for matched funding if they do not require any counterpart measures. The donations need to be given to research and educational operations without conditions restricting their use.


Take part in the campaign!


Donate to the matched funding campaign

There are two ways to donate to the matched funding campaign: online or by bank transfer.



You can also donate to the campaign by making a payment to the following bank account:

Danske Bank
FI41 8116 7710 0099 51

In the message field of the payment, include the donor’s contact information, the text “Matched funding campaign” and a possible field of education the donation is to be allocated to.

For donations of 850 euro or more, we kindly ask you to fill in a deed of donation.



Donations of 10,000 euro or more can be allocated to fields of education

An individual donation of 10,000 euro or more can be allocated to a field of education. The deed of donation defines the fields of education eligible for matched funding. The fields of education at Åbo Akademi University are:

  • Economics
  • Education and teacher training
  • Engineering
  • Health sciences
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Natural sciences
  • Pharmacy
  • Psychology
  • Social sciences
  • Theology


The following donations are not eligible for matched funding:

  • Donations in the form of shares, real estate or other material objects or intellectual property rights
  • Donations from companies belonging to the university group, the university’s own funds or from foundations associated with the university
  • Donations from state-owned companies entrusted with special duties. However, donations from commercial state-owned companies are eligible for matched funding
  • Donations from communities and foundations that have traditionally supported the operations of only one specific university
  • Donations from municipalities and donations from companies and enterprises that are either directly or indirectly owned by municipalities
  • Donations from communities that are mainly financed by public funds (e.g. universities of applied sciences) or bodies under public law with right of taxation (e.g. parishes). However, donations from student unions and student nations, as well as companies owned by them, are eligible for matched funding. The same applies to donations from chambers of commerce that are not communities financed by public funds
  • Donations allocated to our research profiles (i.e. the Sea, Minority Research and Technologies for a Sustainable Future) support those projects directly and are not part of the matched funding campaign

Donations that are eligible for matched funding should be paid by 30 June 2022. Donations can also be paid in instalments within the campaign period.


Tax deduction for persons and organisations situated in Finland

Private persons

Individuals and estates can deduct amounts donated to universities from their earned income. To be deductible, the minimum donation is €850 and maximum €500,000. If you make multiple donations within one fiscal year, the total amount is recorded. Åbo Akademi University reports the deductible donations to the tax authorities at the end of the fiscal year.

More information: website of the Finnish Tax Administration.



Monetary donations of 850–250,000 euro made by communities to universities are tax deductible in Finland. As communities count companies, associations and foundations. Communities should report their deductible donations to the tax authorities.

More information: Income Tax Law (1992/1535) (in Finnish).



Ethical principles in fundraising

The fundraising of Åbo Akademi University is governed by the Instruction on Ethics and the Responsible Conduct of Research (5.5.2020). Read our ethical principles here.



Deed of donation

If you or your organisation donates 850 euro or more we kindly ask you to fill in a deed of donation and return it to us:

Åbo Akademi University
Fundraising / Communications
Tuomiokirkontori 3
20500 Turku, Finland

You can also scan the deed of donation and return it electronically to fundraising@abo.fi.


Use of the donated funds

The capital that is raised in the ongoing matched funding campaign 2020–2022 will be used to support the education and research of Åbo Akademi University, in accordance with the Rector’s decisions. Donations of 10,000 euro or more that are allocated to fields of education will be used to support the education and research of the field in question.

The matched funding received from the state will be added to the basic capital of Åbo Akademi University. The university invests the capital on a long-term basis and seeks a steady yield. The yield is an important source of income for Åbo Akademi University and enables us, for example, to offer our young, promising doctoral candidates longer employment contracts.

Read more about how Åbo Akademi University has used donated funds.

Updated 1.12.2021