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Development Projects

Development Projects


Each year, CLL provides assistance on some twenty development projects in co-operation with various actors in society for the purpose of developing working life together with the public, private and third sectors and, in turn, contributing to the development of society. CLL’s role is to capitalise on academic knowledge in continuous learning and apply research in development work and project activities. Project activities are based on needs assessments and analyses, comprise client-specific development measures, and meet the goals and requirements of the target group, funding agency and university.

CLL’s project activities encompass the following thematic goals:

  • To improve work well-being at workplaces by developing work processes and supporting change leadership.
  • To further develop the reception and engagement of immigrants to Finland by fostering integration in society and diversity in working life.
  • To develop innovations and climate-smart energy solutions.
  • To strengthen and develop lifelong competence in guidance and supervision.
  • To further enhance sustainable development, climate change adaptation and co-operation in the Baltic Sea region.
  • To support competence development and Organisational Readiness for Change (ORC) in the social welfare and health care sector.
  • To support the popularisation of archipelago-related research and contribute to archipelago development.

In addition to activities within Åbo Akademi University, CLL activities also include Novia OpenUAS as well as projects and Continuing Education in Social Services and Health Care at University of Applied Sciences Novia.