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Increased fees for Open University courses from August 2024

From August 1, 2024, Åbo Akademi University will use a pricing system for Open University courses based on the number of credits. The pricing applies to students at Åbo Akademi’s Open University courses, supplementary studies for non-degree students (extra students), and students at Open University Routes (a.k.a. Öpuleder).

As of August, the pricing is as follows:

– Basic studies (and other introductory studies) 12 euros per credit.

– Intermediate and advanced studies 15 euros per credit.

The new pricing means an increase in prices, but at the same time also that Åbo Akademi University’s basis for pricing is aligned with most other universities. The price increase is a consequence of reduced government funding for continuous learning.

Åbo Akademi University continues to offer certain Open University courses free of charge, for example to students at the upper secondary level. Unemployed, asylum seekers and Ukrainian citizens will also continue to be given the opportunity to participate free of charge, as well as degree students enrolled as present at Åbo Akademi University.

You can start registering for courses offered during the autumn term 2024–2025 on 12 August 2024 at 8:00 (CET+1). The Open University at Åbo Akademi.