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Åbo Akademi University Press

Åbo Akademi University Press is the official organ for publications relating to Åbo Akademi University and its associated researchers. Its productions include mainly doctoral theses (monographs). Publications issued by Åbo Akademi University Press can be bought at the Åbo Akademi University Library. The Press actively promotes the distribution of its publications on for example book fairs.

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Väggarna talar – Åbo Akademis byggnader under hundra år

Åbo Akademis jubileumshistorik:
· Åbo Akademi och samhället
· Åbo Akademi och kunskapen
· Åbo Akademi i sin början 1918-1945
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tre böcker
Väggarna talar tells about Åbo Akademi University’s buildings, the history publication has three volumes.


To buy other publications, contact: Anders Ekberg
Phone: +358 (0)2 215 4190, e-mail: publikationer@abo.fi
Street address: Åbo Akademi University Library, Tuomiokirkonkatu 2-4, 20500 Turku.

For information about Åbo Akademi University Press:
Contact: Johanna Hedenborg
Phone: +358 (0)2 215 4793, e-mail: forlaget@abo.fi

Recent Publications

The list of publications is updated in chronological order with the newest publications first. To the right you can find older publications.

During this year the following publications have been issued by Åbo Akademi University Press:


Doctoral dissertation in Old Testament Exegetics
Tanskanen, Topias:
Jacob, the Torah, and the Abrahamic Promise: Studies on the Use and Interpretation of the Jacob Story in the Book of Jubilees
Diss.: Åbo Akademi University
ISBN 978-952-389-048-0, ISBN 978-952-389-049-7 (digital), 324 s. € 30,00

Doctoral dissertation in Information Studies
Hyttinen, Ritva:
Desire for Inclusion : Construction of Professional Identity of Library Students with an Immigrant Background
Diss.: Åbo Akademi University
ISBN 978-952-389-046-6, ISBN 978-952-389-047-3 (digital), 252 s. € 25,00

Doctoral dissertation in Sloyd
Hjelm, Åsa:
Elevers matematiska utmaningar i slöjd. Ämnesöverskridande lärande via handens arbete.
Diss.: Åbo Akademi
ISBN 978-952-389-042-8, ISBN 978-952-389-043-5 (digital), 270 s. € 27,00

Updated 31.5.2023