IB studies

IB studies

When you are accepted to the IB you begin with a preparatory year and study about 30 courses according to the Finnish national curriculum. All courses are conducted in English, except for your mother tongue (Finnish or Swedish) and the courses in the second national language (Finnish/Swedish).

The courses in the preparatory year are:

IB studies.

Read more more about the preparatory year in the study information booklet.

After your preparatory year you continue with the two-year Diploma Programme, provided you have completed your preparatory studies according to the set requirements.

In the Diploma Programme you study six subjects. Three of the subjects are on higher level and three on standard level. You also have Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS and write an Extended Essay.

The subjects are divided into subject groups and you choose 6 subjects at least one from each group. All chosen subjects are written in the final exam.

1.Language and literature: Finnish or Swedish mother tongue,School Supported Self -Taught Language A literature, English A language and literature

2 Language acquisition: English B, French B

3. Individuals and societies: Economics, History, Psychology

4. Experimental sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

5. Mathematics: Analysis and approaches, Applications and interpretations

Read more in our study information booklet DP.

Updated 2.10.2023