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Scholarship for exchange studies in SoleGrant

Scholarship for exchange studies in SoleGrant

Once you have been accepted by Åbo Akademi University to go on exchange studies (after applying in SoleMove) you can apply for exchange studies scholarship in SoleGrant.

In order for Åbo Akademi to pay the scholarship, students need to follow the following instructions:

  1. Accept you exchange place in SoleMove after receiving an email from us
  2. Fill in the SoleGrant application by latest 31.05, for autumn exchanges. If your exchange term is the spring term, then your deadline is October 31st.
  3. If you are going on exchange within the Erasmus+ or Coimbra (SEMP) programme, you should complete the Erasmus+ OLS language test; follow instructions you receive by email
  4. Make sure you are registered as attending Åbo Akademi University

How do i fill in the SoleGrant application?

OBS! If you are going on exchange within NORDPLUS!

If you are going on exchange within the following networks bildkonst, filosofi, finska, informationsvetenskap, Lärarutbildning (NNTE), Nordic Early Literacy, NORDTEK, psykologi, slöjdpedagogik, statskunskap, teologi or Volda, you SHOULD NOT APPLY for scholarship in SoleGrant!! You will receive your scholarship from a different university and you will receive instructions seperately from the network coordinator.

Going on exchange within the NORDLYS network?

If you are going on exchange within the NORDLYS network (not to Stockholm University, Gothenburg University or Faroe Islands University) you should apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship in the SoleGrant system. Please choose Erasmus+ Cateogy 1 when applying for your scholarship. If you are going on exchange within the NORDLYS to Stockholm University, Gotherburg University or Faroe Islands University, you should choose “Exchange Studies Nordplus” in the SoleGrant system.

  1. Log in to SoleMove https://saas.solenovo.fi/solemove/
  2. Open SoleGrant – The icon in the bar at the top of the page
  3. Click “Create new application” – there is only one choice
  4. Fill on your Finnish ID number. Check the information in the tab “personal data” is correct.
  5. Municipality of taxation = the city where you are registered to pay tax
  6. In the tab “Exchange/placement Information” you can edit your exchange dates. The date that is there now is from your exchange application – you know better know what the dates will actually be
  7. Fill in you bank account details in “Grant Information” (IBAN and BIC)
    • Check that the date is the same as the previous tabs
    • Choose the right grant type for your exchange programme. Read the instructions well that are above in the tab “Grant information”
    • You do not need to fill in the amount, just click calculate. If this function is not working, please check the correct amounts here
    • Choose the correct alternative for “Purpose of the grant”
    • Check that you have clicked both of the conditions boxes to accept the conditions
  8. Submit the application under the tab “Acceptance”

When you application has been checked, you will see your scholarship decision in the tab “Decisions”. You can also print out your scholarship evidence if needed.

Updated 15.5.2020