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Writing a master’s thesis during the exchange

Writing a Master’s thesis during the exchange

If an exchange student wishes to write a Master’s thesis while on exchange at Åbo Akademi University and receive credit for it, the thesis must follow the specific regulations concerning Master’s theses at ÅAU. The thesis will in that case be supervised by a member of the teaching staff at ÅAU, and be approved according to ÅAU regulations. Please note that writing a Master’s thesis while on exchange cannot be guaranteed to all exchange students, but has to be agreed upon individually prior to the exchange since it depends on various aspects, including the resources available at the departments.

Currently it is possible to do the experimental work for and write a Master’s Thesis (in English), and receive credits for it within the fields of chemical engineering and biosciences, while on exchange at ÅAU. Within other fields the possibilities are more limited. Please note however, that this must be agreed with the intended supervisor and department already before the actual student exchange application is submitted and, if pre-approved, an outline for the work planned must be included in the student’s learning agreement/study plan.

The student can receive 30 – 40 credits for the thesis (depending on the field), which must however follow the procedures for the approval of a Master’s thesis at Åbo Akademi University, which include for example having to pass a language check. When approved, the thesis will be listed in the transcript of records, and it can also be graded, if required. The student will not receive a degree from Åbo Akademi University, it is the student’s home university which confers the degree.

If you are interested in this option, please check the university website to see which department would be suitable, and who would be a potential supervisor for the thesis. The supervisor should be contacted well in advance of applying. The approval of both home and host university supervisors is required.

Writing a Master’s Thesis requires a very high level of English language skills, especially in academic writing. The recommended level of English language skills is at least B2 on the CEFR scale.

If a student wishes to write his/her thesis independently while on exchange at Åbo Akademi University and make use of the ÅAU library and other resources, but receive guidance and credits for the thesis work at the home university, this is also possible with prior consent from the home and host universities.

Updated 27.4.2021