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Minor subject modules, teacher training

The Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies offers the following choices for minor subjects, with regard to teaching levels from preschool to grade 6.

Mathematics (25 cr)
Biology (25 cr)
Crafts (25 cr)
Physical Education (25 cr)
Didactics for Visual Art Education (25 cr)
Music (25 cr)
Swedish as a First Language and Swedish Literature (25 cr)
Finnish Language (25 cr)
English Language (25 cr)
Health Education (25 cr)
Home Economics (25 cr)
Integrated Science (25 cr)
Special Education (25 cr)

Social Studies (in co-operation with the Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics)

History (in co-operation with the Centre for Lifelong Learning, CLL)
Multilingual and Intercultural Education (25 sp) (in co-operation with CLL)
Multidisciplinary study module, which provides qualification for preschool teacher

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Minor subject modules, teacher training
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