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Music Didactics, teacher training (Minor subject)

Music Didactics, teacher training (Minor subject)

Music Didactics

Studies of Music Didactics at the Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies are part of the education of class teachers and special teachers.

Music as practice and culture (5 cr) is included as a compulsory course in the class teacher education. You can also take courses in Music Didactics as a minor subject (25 cr), which is a study module that qualifies for teaching music in classes from preschool to grade 6.

The courses combine practical exercises with reflection on music education, with the interdisciplinary and philosophical perspectives playing a significant role. Within Music Didactics, the focus is on the diversity of music, music as a right for all pupils, and the general and interdisciplinary potential of music education in school.


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Åbo Akademi University, Vaasa
Music Didactics, teacher training
PL 311
FI-65101 Vaasa