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Sloyd, teacher training (minor subject)

Sloyd, teacher training (minor subject)


Being able to create things with one’s own hands contributes to individual well-being and quality of life, and it also promotes environmental thinking and sustainable development in society. You can choose to study Sloyd as a short minor (25 credits). You can also apply for study right for 60 credits, which will give you teacher’s qualification for Sloyd for grades 1-9 provided that you have completed pedagogical studies for teachers (60 credits). 

The studies include courses where you learn to process a variety of materials as well as design and make unique products for various purposes. Technologies and materials used in your studies are, for example, textiles and yarns, 3D printing and laser cutting of wood and metal. The studies are research-based and give you a scientific foundation for your future career in the field. 

More information about Sloyd as a major subject here.


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