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General History

General History

Major subject – General History

Historical and global perspectives help us understand the phenomena we see in society today. The subject of General History deals with the social changes, social structures, ideas and values from a transnational and Atlantic history perspective, with a focus on events occurring outside the Nordic countries from the Early Modern period (around the 16th century) on. As a history student, you will not only be studying individual events, but also learn how to reveal the bigger picture within the details. You will learn what earlier societies looked like, how they were formed, what it was like to live in them and what is left of them in our own time. The studies will teach you how to develop a sound knowledge of the past and will, with that knowledge, give you insights into both yourself and today’s society. You will be studying history in multiple languages and learn how to express yourself clearly in speech and writing.

If you earned a Bachelor’s degree in history, you may choose General History as your major subject at the Master’s level. During your Bachelor studies you will already have chosen whether you want to continue with general studies or the line for subject teachers. If you want to become a subject teacher, you continue to study pedagogy as your minor subject. In general studies, you either have a short minor subject or only elective studies, in addition to which you will develop your capabilities to conduct historical research. During your studies, you can also take advantage of the many opportunities for study exchange.

Research conducted in the subject of history encompasses a number of subjects and areas.  The focus is on overlapping places and regions during the Early Modern period, radical movements during the 20th century, military history, consumption patterns and historical perspectives on gender.


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