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History – Staff

History – Staff

E-mail: firstname.lastname@abo.fi

Holger Weiss
Professor in general history

Johanna Ilmakunnas
Associate professor in nordic history

Laura Hollsten
University teacher
On leave of absence

Ann-Catrin Östman
Senior lecturer
On leave of absence

Kasper Kepsu
University teacher

Anna Sundelin
University teacher



Kasper Braskén, PhD

Charlotte Cederbom, PhD

Johan Ehrstedt, doctoral student

Andreas Granberg, doctoral student

Patrik Hettula, doctoral student

Christoffer Holm, doctoral student

Anna-Stina Hägglund, doctoral student

Matias Kaihovirta, PhD

Emil Kaukonen, doctoral student

Martins Kwazema, doctoral student

Stefan Norrgård, PhD

Eija Stark, project researcher

Anna Sundelin, PhD

Peeter Tammisto, doctoral student

Kajsa Varjonen, doctoral student

Johanna Wassholm, PhD

Mats Wickström, PhD




Updated 19.10.2020