Gender Studies

Major subject – Gender Studies

Despite legislation prohibiting oppression and discrimination, our society is not equal with respect to gender, skin colour, ethnicity, language, religion, health, physical disabilities, sexual orientation and age. Gender Studies challenges fixed patterns of thinking and power structures, and provides you with the tools to understand these patterns at both the local and global level. The subject will provide you with insights into a variety of social and cultural phenomena and teach you how to think critically, analytically and creatively about marginalising structures in our society and culture.

Gender studies enjoy an international profile and teaching is given in Swedish and English. You have a wide variety of opportunities for exchange studies abroad. Typical minor subjects for students of Gender Studies are the arts, literature, history, philosophy, organisation and management, international law, sociology, political science and languages. As a student of Gender Studies, you can combine your degree subjects according to your interests and there is a wide range of choices for minor subjects. Gender Studies is also a popular minor subject among students from several different faculties, particularly in the arts, social studies, economics and psychology, but also science and technology.


Gender Studies at Åbo Akademi University offers an active interdisciplinary research environment. It can be said that the common denominator in research is intersectionality, which involves examining different balances of power and differences related to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, corporeality, religion, etc. Many of the subject researchers focus on post-colonial research. This perspective is even linked to health research, the status of immigrant women, rainbow families, sexual and gender-based violence, ageing, religion and working life research.


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