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Gender Studies – Staff

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Taru Leppänen

Leppänen’s areas of expertise are feminist new materialisms, feminist musicology and the cultural study of music. She is a Lecturer in Gender Studies and an Adjunct Professor of Musicology at the Universities of Turku and Helsinki. Her latest monograph Vallatonta musiikkia. Lastenmusiikkikulttuuri 2000-luvun alun Suomessa [Powerless and unruly music: Children’s music cultures in Finland of the 2000s] (2010) concentrates on the formation of children’s gendered subjectivities vis-à-vis music in a Deleuzian framework. Her dissertation Musiikki, viulisti ja identiteetti. Sibelius-viulukilpailu suomalaisessa mediassa 1995 [Violinists, Music and Identity. The 1995 Sibelius Violin Competition in the Finnish Media] (The Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology, Helsinki, 2000) explored the construction of identities in terms of gender, nationality, ethnicity and race in Finnish ‘classical’ music culture and the media. She was the responsible leader of the research projects ”The Construction of Gender in Children’s Cultures” (2008-2011) and “Localizing Feminist New Materialisms” (2017-2021) funded by the Academy of Finland.”

Kattis Honkanen
University Teacher


Anaïs Duong-Pedica, doctoral student
Pauline Hortelano, doctoral student
Freja Högback, doctoral student
Nina Nyman, doctoral student
Ann-Charlotte Palmgren, researcher

Updated 3.2.2022