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Gender Studies – Research

Gender Studies at Åbo Akademi University offers an active interdisciplinary research environment. A common interest and denominator for many of our researchers and teachers is intersectionality, which involves examining power structures and differences related to gender, race, ethnicity, language, religion, health status, ability level, sexual orientation, age, and body size. Many of our researchers also engage in postcolonial feminist research.


Taru Leppänen

Katariina Kyrölä

Ann-Charlotte Palmgren


Albina Gakuru-Hipp, doctoral student
Freja Högback, doctoral student
Milka Njoroge, researcher
Mickan Kinnari, doctoral student
Anaïs Pedica, doctoral student
Nina Nyman, doctoral student
Salla Aldrin Salskov, doctoral student
Susanne Ritter, doctoral student
Salla Tuori, visiting researcher

Updated 16.9.2021