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Social Exclusion

Social Exclusion

Master’s­ Degree­ Pro­gramme­ in­ Soc­ial Ex­clu­sion

In the midst of today’s rapidly evolving societies, the number of people suffering from a combination of poverty, deprivation of legal rights, and cultural as well as social isolation is proving to be a growing global issue. This phenomenon, known as ‘social exclusion’, is a complex condition that extends beyond economic disadvantage and poverty. It is a multifaceted process through which people lose political, legal, and social agency, resulting in stigmatisation or discrimination.

Against this global background, students on this programme learn the principles of coexistence and explore tools for analysing social exclusion from a multidisciplinary and global perspective. They also evaluate strategies that promote better social awareness and inclusion. At the same time, the programme looks in-depth at the conditions that lead to social exclusion, its negative effects on society and to what degree different cultures are affected.

Students who engage fully with this programme will be able to critically reflect on social and cultural states from a wider perspective based in the humanities, anchored in subjects such as Global History, Theological Ethics and Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy, Gender Studies, Study of Religions and Minority Studies. Belief systems, trends, values, ideologies, power and social practices within society will also be given particular focus throughout the duration of this programme, allowing students to closely examine the factors that contribute to societal problems and how it might be possible to overcome these shortcomings.

Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates will be awarded with either a Master of Theology or a Master of Arts, depending on their previous study background.

For more information, please visit the official blog for the Social Exclusion Master’s Degree Programme, where you will find details about the Social Exclusion (SoEx) Programme, in addition to content created by SoEX students themselves.


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Contact information

Staff at the Master’s Degree Programme in Social Exclusion


120 ECTS / 2 years





Apply time

3.1. – 17.1.2024


Apply to the programme 3.1. – 17.1.2024!

Career Prospects

The Master’s Degree Programme in Social Exclusion is especially suited to those looking to pursue careers in areas such as research, politics, equal opportunities policy and human rights institutions or organisations. As this course equips students with the skills needed to work in both national and international settings, graduates are able to find employment in a diverse range of opportunities in either the private or public sector, as well as in non-governmental organizations and civil society. Additionally, skills developed within this programme are highly relevant in arts, writing, and media careers.

"The Masters of Social Exclusion changed my perspective in life and the way I think about the things happening around me. The world is truly unfair and I fear that actual tangible real change will take time and effort. However, the existence of such programs and awareness gives a platform for empowerment, debate, rethinking, and recreation of the order that we are familiar with and in time we share with others."

Salma Abdulmagied, former student of Social Exclusion


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