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Major subject – Philosophy

In Philosophy, we know that good thinking takes time and effort. Even though it is easy to give your opinions, it is just as easy for them to be ill-considered, clichéd and banal. We also know that there are ways to help you think more effectively. Studying philosophy is one of them. Philosophy students hone their skills in expressing themselves in speech and writing. You will learn how to think in line with and using a tradition more than two thousand years old. An exchange of ideas in Plato’s dialogues can suddenly seem as topical as the latest social debate. Studying philosophy also gives you the courage to express yourself on important issues when you feel you have something to say.

Philosophy studies at Åbo Akademi University place a great deal of emphasis on discussion and draw no distinction between theoretical and practical philosophy. The wide-ranging course offering and frequently recurring researcher seminars with a variety of themes will provide you with a broad understanding of the subject. The Department of Philosophy enjoys close international connections and you can even study abroad on an exchange. You are free to choose your minor subject, but if you want to become a subject teacher you must study pedagogy and  another teaching subject (e.g. psychology, history or world-view studies ) as a long minor subject. Philosophy can also be taken as a minor subject by students with other major subjects.

By international standards, philosophy studies offered at Åbo Akademi University form a small but research-intensive subject. The permanent teaching staff consists of a Professor, a Senior Lecturer and a University Teacher. In addition to these, there are several post-doctoral researchers and doctoral students who receive external funding. Including the institutions for theoretical and practical philosophy at neighbouring University of Turku, Turku boasts the second-largest concentration of professional philosophers in Finland.


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