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Edvard Westermarck webinars

Hi, all friends of Edvard Westermarck!

This fall, Åbo Akademi University Library is arranging an interdisciplinary series of four webinars where scholars from Finland, Sweden, Morocco and the United Kingdom share their research about Edvard Westermarck. The scholars represent different fields of study, such as sociology, anthropology, philosophy, history, social policy, folkloristics and art history.

Read more about the webinars here

Read more about Edvard Westermarck and his archive here or watch a video on Youtube.

Feel free to join us. Participation in the webinars is free but participants need to register in advance. Registration has to be done separately for each webinar (through the link about the webinars above). All webinars are exclusively in English.

Gladly share the link and information with others who might be interested! There are posters you can download and print at the bottom of the page about the webinars. You can spread these around at your university, faculty or other places you frequent. You are very welcome bring your students along as well! Perhaps the webinars will fit into one of your courses?