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Edvard Westermarck webinars 2023

Edvard Westermarck webinars 2023

During the fall of 2023 a series of webinars will be arranged to showcase research on Edvard Westermarck. The Zoom webinars are open to anyone interested. Welcome to join!

Deadline for registration is one week prior to each webinar. More information below.

Past webinars

Monday September 25, 2–4 pm (UTC+3)

Tuomo Melasuo – Edward Westermarck and Morocco
Professor Emeritus, History, Tampere University; former Director, Tampere Peace Research Institute, Finland

Otto Pipatti – The Question of Origins in the Westermarckian Tradition
PhD, Helsinki University; Visiting researcher, Royal Anthropological Institute, UK

Salla Tuomivaara Edward Westermarck and the Significance of ‘Animal’ in Early Sociological Theory
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Turku, Finland


Monday October 23, 2–4 pm (UTC+3)

JP Roos – Westermarck vs. Durkheim – How Being Right Doesn’t Give any Points in Sociology
Professor Emeritus, Social Politics, University of Helsinki, Finland

Olli Lagerspetz – Edward Westermarck’s ’Rehabilitation’ in Domestic and International Debates
Senior Lecturer, Philosophy, Åbo Akademi University, Finland

Liisa Granbom-Herranen – Edward Westermarck’s Contribution to Paremiology, Research of Proverbs
Associate Professor, Study of Cultures, University of Turku, Finland


Monday November 20, 2–4 pm (UTC+2)

Mokhtar El-Harras – The Multiple Dimensions of the Researcher-Informant Relationships – The Case of E. Westermarck and A. El-Bakkali
Professor, Sociology, Mohammed V University, Morocco

Marie-Sofie Lundström – Edvard Westermarck’s Photographs – Art Historical Perspectives
Professor, Art history, Åbo Akademi University, Finland

Eva Evers Rosander Hiding the Bride and Other Marriage Ceremonies in Morocco – A Retrospect in Memory of Edvard Westermarck
Associate Professor, Social Anthropology, Stockholm University; Former Senior Research Fellow, Social Anthropology, Nordic Africa Institute, Sweden

Camilla Kronqvist – Two Moralities? Westermarck’s Retributive Emotions
University Lecturer, Philosophy, Åbo Akademi University, Finland


Monday December 11, 2–4 pm (UTC+2)

David Shankland – Westermarck: A Finnish Ibsen?
Director, Royal Anthropological Institute, UK

Rahma Bourqia – Singularity of Westermarck and the Rise of Anthropology
Sociologist, Royal Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco

Nina Björkman – The Edvard Westermarck Archives and the UNESCO Memory of the World Application
Doctoral student, former project coordinator, Åbo Akademi University Library, Finland


How to take part in a webinar
Deadline for registration is on Monday one week prior to the webinar. Once you have registered, you will recieve an email with the Zoom link. You can either click the link, which will give you access to the webinar, or download the Zoom app at zoom.us/download We recommend the app as it is free, works better and contains more functions. Should you choose to participate by just clicking the link, note that you should use Chrome (Zoom does not work well in other browsers). It is important that you check your computer settings and compatibility well in advance before the webinar.

Register here with your real name and email address

Practical matters during the webinar
The length of the webinars is two hours. Each presentation is 20 minutes. During the presentation, questions may arise, we ask you therefore to write your question(s) in the chat. Questions will be answered after the presentation.

You can participate in one or several of the webinars and you register to each webinar separately. The webinars are held in English.

The posters below can be shared on social media or printed out for distribution. (Click to open pdf.) Please feel free to spread the word about the webinars! 

All speakers

September 25

October 23

November 20

December 11


If you have any questions, contact Service Manager Viveca Rabb at viveca.rabb@abo.fi

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