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Welfare Technology

Welfare Technology

Are you interested in how we can meet societal challenges linked to social welfare and health care through welfare technology and new digital solutions? Welfare technology is a rapidly developing research area. The studies in welfare technology deal with new digital e-Health services and the opportunities and challenges they pose for vulnerable patient groups, relatives and staff. The studies focus on how to develop, implement and evaluate new user-friendly and evidence-based digital solutions. The courses teach you more about the management of digital change processes, economic conditions and sustainable development from the perspective of the organisation, as well as the latest global trends and innovations in the field and the future of healthcare.

Basic studies (25 ECTS) in Welfare Technology includes the following courses:

Introduction to welfare technology, 5 ects
Etik, individ och välfärdsteknologi, 5 sp
Från utveckling till implementering och utvärdering av välfärdsteknologi, 5 sp
Välfärdsteknologi ur organisationens synvinkel, 5 sp
Hållbar vårdmiljö, energi och välfärdsteknologi, 5 sp

For more information about the course content and -times, click the “Öpu” course in the Study guide. 

Increased fees for Open University courses from August 2024

From August 1, 2024, Åbo Akademi University will use a pricing system for Open University courses based on the number of credits. As of August, the pricing is as follows:

  • Basic studies (and other introductory studies) 12 euros per credit.
  • Intermediate and advanced studies 15 euros per credit.

Åbo Akademi University continues to offer Open University courses free of charge, for degree students enrolled as present at Åbo Akademi University. Link to the news about increased fees at the Open University.


Sustainable healthcare and welfare technology (5 ECTS), online course.

Read more about the course in the Study guide.
Time: 31.3-11.5.2025, distance teaching via Zoom: 31.3, 16.4.
Fee: 60€
Teacher: Master of Health Science Melanie Rydgren
Enrolment at the latest 18.3.2025

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