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Quality culture at Åbo Akademi University

Quality culture at Åbo Akademi University

The quality culture at Åbo Akademi University is based on

  • a systematic structure for planning
  • identified responsibilities for content and processes
  • a dynamic implementation
  • feedback, follow-up and evaluation
  • forums for development dialogues and staff training.

We create and refine our quality culture in the meeting between researchers, teachers, students, staff and the university as an environment for joint conversations and joint learning.

We document quality culture in our procedures and governing documents, for example course evaluations, agreements between supervisors and thesis writers, material for professional development discussions, and in the faculties’ plans for activities and follow-up of results. We also maintain a quality culture with numbers, for example by making the key figures of the faculties and units public and easily accessible so that everyone can follow the activities at Åbo Akademi University.

We develop and transfer quality culture in our common everyday life, for example in the collegial conversations about research and education, in teaching situations, guidance and counseling, in research collaborations and through all the choices we make in our daily work.

We aim for responsible and transparent conduct of research through open science and research.

Updated 9.2.2022