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Open Science and Research at ÅAU

Open Science and Research at ÅAU

In Åbo Akademi University’s Policy for Open Science and Research (2017), we focus on open access publishing and responsible research data management. The policy is updated during 2022. Åbo Akademi University is committed to following the principles of the national declaration for open science and research (2020-2025).

The Policy is a living document that is open for comments and suggestions from all those working and studying at the University. The intention is for all at the University to be able to contribute to developing openness within science and research, each from the perspective of their own area of study and the features characteristic of each subject.

The Åbo Akademi University working group for open science and research (20.8.2017-31.7.2019) was led by Vice-Rector Niklas Sandler. The group also consisted of Information Specialist Eva Höglund, Research Coordinator Anna-Maria Nordman, Senior Lecturer Torbjörn Björkman, Professor Gunilla Widén, and Project Leader Yrsa Neuman.

Do you have any questions about open science and research at Åbo Akademi University? If so, feel free to get in touch by sending an email to openscience@abo.fi

Openness is a basis for science. Through openness, we generate knowledge together.

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Updated 7.11.2022