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Open Science and Research at ÅAU

Open Science and Research at ÅAU

The basic principles for open science and research at ÅAU are

  • Open science and research are responsible research practices. 
  • Åbo Akademi University provides all academic co-workers equal support to be able to carry out their research in a responsible and transparent way. 
  • The aim of ÅAU is to promote open science for the sake of science and ÅAU researchers, but also as part of a sustainable future. 

The ÅAU policy for open science, research and education (2023) consists of the following:

  1. Guidelines for open access publishing
  2. Guidelines for open access to research materials, methods and research infrastructures
  3. Guidelines for open education
  4. Guidelines for openness in merits and evaluation of researchers and research
  5. Guidelines for open research culture

Do you have any questions about open science and research at Åbo Akademi University? Do not hesitate to contact openscience@abo.fi

Åbo Akademi University is committed to following the principles of the national declaration for open science and research (2020-2025).

Openness is a basis for science. Through openness, we generate knowledge together.

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Updated 16.1.2024