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Åbo Akademi University Strategy

Åbo Akademi University Strategy

The Strategy is Åbo Akademi University’s most important steering document. Formulated in co-operation with students and staff, the Strategy guides the university in its development. It is a living roadmap to be used, adapted and further developed.

Åbo Akademi University’s management, faculties and departments set goals and draft action plans based on the Strategy. The Strategy is also a key tool to be used in the allocation of resources.

The Åbo Akademi University Strategy 2021-2030 defines four specific focus areas:

  • Gateway to Finland for the Nordic countries
  • Academic quality
  • Open, inspiring campuses
  • Working place of the future
strategy focus areas as a picture

As stated in the Strategy, Åbo Akademi University will increase its visibility in the Nordic countries and profile itself as an active and responsible university that particularly cares for the positive and sustainable development of the entire Baltic Sea region.

Åbo Akademi University will also be characterised by dynamic and innovative synergies between research and education.

The campuses and learning environments at Åbo Akademi University will be attractive, accessible, boundary-breaking and open meeting points for scientific discourse, creativity and collaboration. Åbo Akademi University will also be an international workplace that recognises and utilises the knowledge and competences of the staff and students. Equality, non-discrimination, inclusion, health, career paths, flexibility and responsibility are self-evident aspects of the dynamic study and work environment at Åbo Akademi University.

As stated in the Vision for Åbo Akademi University 2030, Åbo Akademi University plays a significant role in international research and education for a sound and sustainable living environment, especially within the shared Baltic Sea region. The education provided by Åbo Akademi University fosters ethically responsible citizens, researchers and professionals, whilst research contributes to resolving social challenges and meeting the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations.

Read the Åbo Akademi University Strategy 2021–2030 in its entirety (pdf).

Property strategy renewed

As part of the implementation of Åbo Akademi University strategy, the university’s property strategy is getting an update and a long-term property regulation plan with concrete action proposals has been drawn up.

Read a summary of the updated property strategy (pdf).

Read the draft for the property regulation plan (pdf). 


Updated 2.2.2022