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Executive Administrative Office

Executive Administrative Office

The Executive Administrative Office provides support for management in rendering decisions. The office manages planning and strategic development, administrative support, registry, legal affairs and investigations.

The Executive Administrative Office also supervises secretarial services for the University Board, Chancellor, Rector’s Executive Group and Rector’s executive meetings.


Legal, compliance, internal revision

Martina Snåre, General Counsel

Ia Wilson, Legal Counsel

Camilla Engman, Internal Auditor

Ada Widjeskog, Data Protection Officer



Administrative support and registry

Johan Berg, Head of Records Management

Anna Teirfolk, Rector’s Secretary

Maaria Lindblad, Registrar

Maria Östman, Expert in Document Management

Malin Erlund, Information Specialist


Planning and strategic development

Thomas Westerholm, Head of Planning

Anna-Maria Nordman, Analyst

Elli Männikkö, Project Assistant

Updated 8.2.2024