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Admission to Master’s Programme in Biosciences

Admission to Master’s Programme in Biosciences

How can I apply?

The applicant applies to the Master’s Programme in Biosciences. All applicants must meet the academic and language requirements.

The applicant applies to his/her preferred main subject within the master’s programme.

Academic requirements

The applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree (equivalent to a Finnish university Bachelor’s degree, kandidatexamen) in a relevant field and at least 60 credits in the subject the student is applying to.

These should correspond to

1) the department’s core studies for biosciences 25 credits and

2) 35 credits of studies in the main subject (biochemistry, cell biology, environmental and marine biology).

For Biochemistry and Cell biology these main subjects studies should correspond to

  • 20 cr studies in biochemistry, cellbiology, molecular biology, or chemistry (eg. courses in Cell biology I & II, Molecular biology I & II, Energy Metabolism, Bioimaging, Histology, Structural biology, Immunology, Virology, Microbiology, Food Chemistry, Chemistry, method courses in Biosciences)
  • 5 cr practical laboratory courses in Bioscienes
  • 10 cr optional courses in Biosciences

For information on the required main subject studies for Environmental and marine biology, please see the information in Swedish.To be able to be admitted the applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree and have completed at least 50 credits of the previously mentioned studies, corresponding to the core studies for biosciences 25 credits + 25 credits in the main subject that the student is applying to. The remaining 10 credits must be completed within the master’s degree.

The degree certificates and transcripts of records are always assessed individually by the faculty in order to determine whether the profile of the previous studies matches the academic requirements of the sought programme.Eligible applicants are assessed and placed in order of admission on the basis of number of credits in the subject applied to and the grades in the previous studies.

Admission is granted on the basis of the application. No entrance examinations are arranged.

Please, read also our general information about applying to a master programme (e.g. eligibility for studies and requirements).

Language requirements

The official teaching language of the Master’s programme is Swedish. However, many of the courses within the master’s programme are taught in English, therefore a part of the degree can be completed in English.

Students without knowledge of Swedish language can be admitted to the main subjects Cell Biology and Biochemistry. Knowledge of English is then required.

Even if you can apply and be accepted on the basis of knowledge in English language you will have to take compulsory courses in Swedish and some courses for the degree are given only in Swedish.

Knowledge of Swedish is required for admittance into the main subject Environmental and Marine Biology.

Updated 3.11.2023