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Renouncement of the study entitlement

Renouncement of the study entitlement

If you do not wish to continue your studies at Åbo Akademi University, you do not need to renounce your study entitlement. Just abstain from register for the academic year. By abstaining from registering you do not loose your study entitlement but your limited study time (applies to students who were granted admission 2005 or later) will eventually result in the expiration of your study entitlement. If you wish to continue your studies before your study entitlement expires, you can make a request for re-entry in the student register. More information is available here.

Degree students, who wish to apply for unemployment allowance, should first contact the Unemployment Office for information about the application procedure.

To be eligible for unemployment benefits the applicant need to certify that he or she is not studying full-time. Studies are regarded as full-time for a person until he or she unquestionably has finished the studies.

A person has unquestionably finished the studies if

– the person has completed the studies,

– the person has renounced his study entitlement at an educational institution or at a university,

– the person has lost his or her study entitlement or it has been withdrawn, or

– the studies have unquestionably been discontinued for at least one year (no registered credits or participation in teaching or supervision during the last year. A Transcript of Records is sufficient as certificate)

If you due to these reasons or other circumstances wish to renounce your study entitlement, please contact the Student Office at Åbo Akademi University, e-mail studinfo@abo.fi or telephone +358 2 215 4169 for further information.


Updated 14.3.2023