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Admission to Master’s Programme in English Language and Literature

Admission to Master’s Programme in English Language and Literature

How can I apply?

The applicant applies directly to the Master’s Programme in English Language and Literature. All applicants must meet the academic and language requirements as well pass an entrance examination.

A maximum of five students can be admitted.

Academic requirements

The applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree (equivalent to a Finnish university Bachelor’s degree, kandidatexamen) in a relevant field. As a rule of thumb, the applicant should have the equivalence of 60 ECTS credits in the major subject.

In order to be admitted to the programme, the applicant has to have very good prior knowledge of the English language, e.g. on a level corresponding to CEFR C1 or an average score 7.5 or higher in the IELTS Academic test.

If the applicant is formally eligible for studies, the degree certificates and transcripts of records are always assessed individually by the Faculty in order to determine whether the profile of the previous studies matches the academic requirements of the sought programme.

Eligible applicants are assessed and ranked on the basis of credits completed in the subject applied to.

Please, read also our general information about applying to a master programme (e.g. eligibility for studies and requirements).

Language requirements

Knowledge of English is required (see also above). However, the English Language and Literature programme can consider students with no or little knowledge of Swedish for admission. This option only applies to applicants who have completed their secondary education outside of Finland. Applicants with no (or little) knowledge of Swedish must also have the endorsement of the department where admission is sought. This means that the department agrees to admit a student and is able to offer the studies required to obtain a degree in a language which is suitable for the applicant. In this case the student must of course prove his/her knowledge of the English language and meet the general requirements on academic eligibility. Please note that some courses for the degree may be given only in Swedish and you will have to take compulsory language courses in Swedish.

Please note that an applicant with a Finnish school education language (Swedish, Finnish or Sami) always gains language eligibility based on this regardless of any other additional studies in other languages. Please see Språkkrav i svenska for more information.

Entrance examination

The admission requirement for master level studies in English Language and Literature is a passed entrance examination consisting of a motivational letter and an interview. The motivational letter should be written in English. You need to upload the letter to your application form on Studyinfo.fi. You find the instructions on the motivational letter below.

The interviews are arranged online (on Zoom) 29-30 May 2023. An invitation to the interview will be sent to the email address given on the application form. Only applicants that meet the academic requirements can be invited to the interview.

Instructions on the motivational letter

The letter should be written in English and be no more than 500 words long. You must write the letter yourself, in your own words.

The letter should set out your reasons for applying for Master’s level studies in English at Åbo Akademi University, and how these studies will relate to your longer-term career plans.

Briefly present your educational background, and explain how your previous studies help to make you a suitable candidate for the Master’s degree in English. Which parts of the Master’s degree programme interest you the most?

Updated 31.10.2022