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English Language and Literature

English Language and Literature

Master’s­ Pro­gramme­ in­ English­ Language ­and ­Literature­

University studies in English Language and Literature focus on language use, linguistic expressions and language attitudes, as well as the study of English-language literature, cultures, societies and history. You learn how to adopt a scholarly approach to English language and literature, and explore the functions, variation and evolution of the English language as well as the history of English literature.

At Åbo Akademi University, English language and literature is studied in an informal atmosphere, where small student groups allow for a personal, interactive learning experience. The language of teaching and supervision as well as all student work is English. Apart from English, courses helping you to fulfil the few language requirements of the programme are targeted at speakers of English (if the language of your school education is not Finnish, Swedish or Sami; see Admission Requirements). The Master’s programme includes a language practice period in an English-speaking country, of a minimum of eight weeks; students whose first language is English select an optional course instead.

The Master’s programme in English Language and Literature provides you with a wide range of skills and knowledge, and you explore theories, key concepts and methods in both linguistics and literary studies. You study in a multidisciplinary English-language environment, familiarizing yourself with transdisciplinary approaches to research.

Graduates of the programme have a thorough expertise in the discipline. You become a specialist in the field of linguistics or literature in English.

You can choose between four different tracks. In the English Language and Literature Specialist Track you have access to a wide variety of choices and your studies are almost entirely in English. In the Teaching Track, or subject teacher line, you take a special course on language learning within your major subject, while your minor subject will consist of pedagogical studies in Swedish or Finnish. In the Combined Specialist Track you include a minor subject or elective studies in a variety of combinations in your degree. In the Professional Communication Track, you focus on organisational communication in English and choose courses in economics for the rest of your degree. The last two tracks demand a good command of Swedish.


120 ECTS / 2 years




English and Swedish

Apply time



The application is open 13.3.2024 – 27.3.2024 at 3:00 pm (Helsinki time).

Linguists in the workplace

Graduates majoring in English Language and Literature will find employment in, among other areas, language-related professions such as subject teachers, researchers and literary experts. Many work as journalists, PR officers, translators, interpreters and language experts. Some work in tourism or culture, while others find a calling in diplomacy or trade. Expertise in the English language and cultures in English-speaking countries, not to mention on the international stage, is needed at every level and in every corner of the workplace!


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