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Major subject – Sloyd

Being able to create things with one’s own hands contributes to individual well-being and quality of life, and it also promotes environmental thinking and sustainable development in society. As a student of Sloyd, specialising in either the Technical crafts or Textile crafts, you will learn to pass on handicraft skills to children, youth and adults, both in the form of traditional methods and new technologies.  If you choose Technical crafts, you will acquire skills for working with wood, metal and other materials, and also learn about electronics, machinery and mechanics. If you choose Textile crafts, you will learn about artistic handicraft, yarn technology, needlework and clothing technology, and materials. Both specialisations will also provide you with insights into design and product planning, and the environmental impacts of human activities.

Your studies in Sloyd combine practical skills with scientific thinking. To become a subject teacher in technical or textile crafts, you need to complete pedagogical studies for a subject teacher as a long minor subject. If you include another teaching subject as a long minor subject in your degree, you will earn a double subject teacher qualification. Your studies also include periods of practical training and elective studies. Sloyd can even be studied as a long minor subject by other teacher students.


Research in Sloyd education at Åbo Akademi University focuses on the pedacgogical and didactical aspects related to the subject areas Textile crafts and Technical crafts. The research themes within the field cover, among others, components of crafts instruction at the different levels of education system, learning and teaching processes within the field of crafts, as well as the philosophical and ideological grounds for the related education.

Outstanding research is conducted in the areas of learning in and through crafts, functional capacity, quality of life, entrepreneurial education, crafts and sustainable development, crafts and social development as well as the role of IT as a resource for learning.

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