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Process Chemistry

Main subject – Process Chemistry

New materials, processes and instruments are needed in order to find sustainable solutions to the global energy resource management. As a student of Process Chemistry, you will learn to understand the functions and reactions of various materials and substances, which is crucial to the development of new, pioneering products and chemical processes. The knowledge can be used, for example, for making inexpensive, high-quality solar cells or finding cost-effective solutions for the purification of drinking water.

Studies within Process Chemistry are multifaceted and method-oriented with both theoretical and practical elements. Your studies will provide you with extensive knowledge and an opportunity to specialise by selecting elective courses offered in a number of different subjects. The study environment is innovative and international with close contacts to the industry. You will very likely be doing your Master’s thesis in co-operation with a company.


A special area within Process Chemistry is the chemical analysis of small amounts of substances that may play a significant role in environmental contexts. Process Chemistry seeks to provide new materials, processes and instruments necessary for us to be able to resolve the grand challenges, such as human well-being and global energy resource management, in a sustainable manner.

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