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Process and Systems Engineering

Major subject – Process and Systems Engineering

The dynamic industrial processes and systems require understanding of different complex entities. As a student of Process and Systems Engineering, you will learn to manage and solve such entities by means of basic knowledge, insights into multiple areas and profound holistic thinking. Modelling, simulation, control and optimisation are central elements in your studies. You will also gain knowledge and skills required for the design, construction and effective operation of industrial facilities where questions related to environmental and energy technologies as well as economic aspects are highly significant.

Studies within Process and Systems Engineering are multifaceted and method-oriented with both theoretical and practical elements. Your studies will provide you with extensive knowledge and an opportunity to specialise by selecting elective courses offered in a number of different subjects. The study environment is innovative and international with close contacts to the industry. You will very likely be doing your Master’s thesis in co-operation with a company.


The ability to manage and resolve complex entities plays a key role in the technological development. This is particulary prominent in the Process and Systems Engineering studies where holistic management methods are used. This often calls for insights covering several areas. Such insights include, for example, the mastering of essential elements across the entire knowledge chain from the fundamental physical and chemical phenomena through experimenting, modelling, simulation, control and optimisation to the planning, construction and operation of an industrial facility where economic, environmental and energy technological questions are of importance.

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