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Political Science with Media and Communication

Political Science with Media and Communication

Main subject – Political Science with Media and Communication

Various groups of people often have different views on how society and the world should look. Political Science deals with issues concerning politics and power, and the optimal formation of society and its constitution. During your studies in Political Science with Media and Communication, you will learn how democracy is realised in societies, how people become actively engaged in politics, and how their opinions are formed. Political life varies between regions and countries, and the media, both traditional and new ones, play a specific role in politics. Political Science refers to the scientific study of politics at different levels and from many perspectives. You will learn, among other things, about Finnish and international politics, political communications, various kinds of political actors, electoral and voting behaviour as well as democracy.

Studies in Political Science with Media and Communication are broad and often anchored with the lecturer’s own research. You can create the professional profile you want by selecting specific courses and minor subjects. In addition to the courses offered in Vaasa, you can take courses offered in Turku and through the FinDem centre, which is a co-operative unit managed jointly with Political Science at the University of Turku. If you wish to gain professional journalistic skills and learn more about media, communications and journalism, you can study Media and Communication as a long minor subject. The studies include courses in, for example, newspaper, television, online and radio journalism, practical reporting, documentaries and direct broadcasts, as well as practical editorial-office training. You will also have an opportunity to combine your studies in Political Science with studies for subject teachers teaching social science at school. Political Science can also be a useful minor subject for students with other major subjects.

Our research areas include, for example:

  • Elections and election methods
  • Mass communication (journalism, TV news)
  • Online political communication and behaviour
  • Citizen deliberation
  • Election and voter studies
  • Voter movement and political parties
  • Political institutions
  • US presidential history

The Social Science Research Institute (Samforsk) is a research institute that works in close collaboration with the Political Science cluster.


Visiting address

Rantakatu 2


Åbo Akademi University, Vaasa
Political Science with Media and Communication
PL 311
FI-65101 Vaasa