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International Marketing

International Marketing

Main subject – International Marketing

A successful international business requires insights into both one’s customers, competitors, strategy and operating environments. Students of International Marketing will learn how to make creative and long-term decisions based on an analysis of these factors. The studies will provide you with tools to understand customer and competitor behaviour, build trademarks, assess business models and start your own business. You will learn how to handle links between marketing and other functions, such as logistics, as well as take care of relationships with customers and partners in an international operating environment. You will also gain insights into how social media is changing the field of marketing.

With International Marketing as a major subject, you will gain a broad understanding of marketing issues during your Bachelor’s level studies. During your Master’s level studies, you will delve more deeply into international business operations. With International Marketing as your major subject, you will enjoy a great deal of study freedom and be able to combine your major subject with one or more elective minor subjects to create the professional profile you want. International Marketing is also a popular minor subject that supplements major subjects both related and unrelated to business administration with knowledge on how companies and organisations can generate demand on the market.

In the subject of International Marketing, research on a variety of themes is being actively conducted.

Business development, new business operations and market design in international operating environments comprise a common area of interest for many of us.

Through International Marketing researchers, Åbo Akademi University is the only school of business administration in Finland to be participating in the Tekes-funded WIVE project, which focuses on how wireless 5G networks can be applied in various industries.

The Archipelago Business Development project aims to create new business models and share knowledge in the archipelago across national and generational boundaries.


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