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Exegetics and Judaic Studies

Exegetics and Judaic Studies

Specialisation in Exegetics

The writings of the Old Testament are common to both Christianity and Judaism and have shaped Western society. Students of Exegetics can choose to specialise in Old Testament Exegetics, New Testament Exegetics or Judaic Studies. Studies in Old Testament and New Testament Exegetics involve gaining a linguistic and factual understanding of these texts. In Exegetics studies, you will learn the original biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek, learn how to independently analyse and translate biblical texts into Swedish and develop the ability to form your own opinions of the texts. In order to gain a more factual understanding of the texts, you will also study the genesis of the Bible, its historical background and cultural environment. In Judaic Studies, you will learn about the history, culture and theology of Judaism. This will provide you with an understanding of the importance of Judaism, not only as the sister religion of Christianity, but also as its counterpart and, today, even an interlocutor. The history of Judaism and anti-Semitism as well as current problems in modern-day Israel also comprise a significant part of your studies.

The subject area of Exegetics is one of the specialisation alternatives that students earning their Bachelor’s degree in theology may choose at the Master’s level. Studies in Exegetics will provide you with extensive historical knowledge. In addition to studies in Exegetics subjects and Judaic Studies, you can take courses according to your professional profile (e.g. priest, teacher or researcher), and you will also be able to choose courses according to your own interests. If you choose to study to become a priest, you will not have a minor subject, but will instead have several elective courses within Theology and practical training. If your professional profile is teacher, you will study Pedagogy and another teaching subject as your minor subject, while a social specialisation profile allows you to freely choose between various thematic modules and minor subjects within Åbo Akademi University. Your personal strengths will help you to find the right combination of minor subjects.

The most important areas of interest for research in Old Testament Exegetics and Judaic Studies are the relationships between the three Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam as well as the reception history of the Bible. Research is conducted in two international networks: the Children of Abraham and Network for the Study of the Reception History of the Bible. A new research project that deals with the reception history of the Bible is called Where are you, Adam? A New Understanding of Adam in Jewish-Christian-Muslim Context.

Research in New Testament Exegetics focuses on Jesus Christ, the gospels and St. Paul. Reception history, rhetorical research and social science approaches expand the perspective. The subject is included in the international research project Jesus in Continuum.


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