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Exegetics and Judaic Studies – Research

Exegetics and Judaic Studies – Research

Studies in the Reception History of the Bible

Åbo Akademi University Team

Mia Anderssen-Löf
Sven-Olav Back
Stefan Green
Tom Holmén
Ruth Illman
Matti Kankaanniemi
Erkki Koskenniemi
Anni Maria Laato
Antti Laato
Pekka Lindqvist
Tuomas Martikainen
Kristian Norrback
Risto Nurmela
Juho Sankamo
Hannu Töyrylä
Lotta Valve
Laura Wikström
Sami Yli-Karjanmaa
Jonatan Ådahl


Institutional partnerships

Åbo Akademi University has a number of partnership agreements in theology within the framework of the European Erasmus+ -programme to promote student and teacher mobility. Among the institutions with staff members actively participating in the SRB-network there is an agreement with Göttingen, Münster and Groningen.


Doctoral Network: Old testament studies

  • Mia Anderssen-Löf: Ett tempel för Gud – ett tempel från Gud
  • Kirsi Huoponen: The Influence of Judah-Oriented Re-working in the Book of Hosea
  • Karl-Henrik Wallerstein: In search of Solid Ground:An Analyze of Walter Brueggemann´s Theology of the Old Testament: Testimony, Dispute, Advocacy


  • Stefan Green: Isa 65-66 and the Apocalyptic Genre
  • Marja Hyssy: The Jacob Cycle in Psychological Exegesis
  • Kristian Norrback: Abraham, Righteousness and Rewritten Genesis

Updated 15.9.2022