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Education, Preschool teacher

Education, Preschool teacher

Major subject – Education, Preschool teacher

The years before school are important for a child’s development. During your studies in Education for preschool teachers you will learn about learning and development in childhood from several different viewpoints.  Your studies comprise two modules: didactic theory, with a focus on early childhood education, and child psychology. Didactics refers to the study of teaching. You will gain insights into how to teach children under the school-age in various subjects and using different methods including visual elements, motion, drama, religion, mathematics, natural sciences, children’s literature and music. Didactics provides you with tools to answer what a child should learn, why and how. Child psychology enables you to develop your knowledge about the behaviour and interaction of children and adults. You will learn about learning and development from various perspectives, and also about social relations within families and in day care.

The pedagogical studies for preschool teachers are interdisciplinary and develop your ability of analytical and critical thinking. An important part of your studies are the courses that provide you with professional qualification for jobs within early childhood education and preschool instruction. Degree studies also include periods of practical training in day-care centres and preschool classes. Later, you can acquire further competence by completing Master’s studies in Education.

Research in Education specialising in early childhood learning aims to contribute to our understanding of the role of institutionalised childhood as the foundation for lifelong learning. The research approach is primarily qualitative with a close link to day-care and preschool activities. Research focuses on children aged 0–6 years in day care and preschool. Focal areas include children’s learning, instructors’ concepts of the child, their value bases, professionalization, and development of the profession.

Topical research areas related to learning and development include language development and language stimulation, musicality and music education, aesthetic learning processes and small children’s physical activities. The research related to the profession concerns the educators’ identity and self-development, the relational aspects of communication between the teachers and children, as well as the role of preschool teachers as a language model for children. Research is being conducted within several Nordic networks.

With a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, you will be qualified to work with children up to school age. You can work as a teacher in early childhood education or as a preschool teacher. If you continue your studies for a Master’s degree, you can work with daycare administrative tasks, for example as head of a daycare centre. A Master’s degree also gives you the opportunity to continue with postgraduate studies. The studies in early childhood education will provide rewarding tasks in an interesting field of work! 


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Education, Preschool teacher
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