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Computer Science

Major subject – Computer Science

The introduction of new ideas and technologies requires the interplay of computer systems, computing and data processing. Computer Science deals with a broad, interdisciplinary subject area, which ranges from computer programming, distributed systems and web and cloud computing to data security, algorithms and new areas such as nano-, bio- and quantum computing. In the major subject studies in Computer Science, you will learn how to analyse the architecture, quality, reliability and operational security of computer-based systems. You will also learn practical approaches for use in working life. These will help you to develop proper and reliable software-intensive systems, build effective algorithmic solutions for various computing models, and come up with solutions based on these models. There are a myriad of industrial application areas, including e-learning, biotechnology, aviation technology, banking services and transport.

With Computer Science as a major subject, you will have countless possibilities for specialisation in information technologies based on your interests and strengths.  You are free to choose your minor subject from among all the subjects offered by Åbo Akademi University, and elective studies are also included in your degree. Computer Science is also a practical minor subject for, among others, mathematics students, but is also extremely well suited to students with different major subjects due to its interdisciplinary nature.


Research in Computer Science is largely conducted in co-operation with the Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS) as well as with industry. Subjects in information technology also engage in interdisciplinary research together with other subjects, both within and outside Åbo Akademi University.

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