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Details for outgoing ÅAU-scholars on Scholarships within the Research Mobility Programme

Details for outgoing ÅAU-scholars on Scholarships within the Research Mobility Programme

Please note that the mobility grant described below is awarded through specific announcements within the ÅAU mobility programme. When funds are available, the mobility grant application will be announced on  the web page of the Åbo Akademi University Research Mobility Programme.

To be eligible you need to show proof that you have additional funding from a scholarship for your research during the time of the mobility and that does not end within six month of your return from the mobility. The mobility is not just about individual research but also in creating new and ongoing connections between ÅAU and the host university.

The mobility programme supports costs and travel expenses related to the visit according to the following:

  • Mobility grant of 1050 e/month (1500 e/month for scholars traveling with dependent children) aimed for housing, travels and other added expenses.
  • Reimbursement for one economy-class round-trip flight ticket (for the researcher only, not dependents). The amount of the reimbursement needs to be agreed upon beforehand. The researcher must make the travel arrangements him/herself in the most affordable way. When claiming for reimbursement of the costs, the receipt for the purchased flight ticket and boarding cards must be presented.

The grant is based on 1050€ (1500 e/month for scholars traveling with dependent children) for a full month stay (28 days February or 30/31 days according to the month). If your journey is not a full month, we will calculate the grant based on the days you are away and if the month have 30 or 31 days. For example: if you travel for 2 full months and then 20 days in May, then we for May divide the sum 1050€ with 31 times the real amount of days you are away. That is then the grant you will receive for that month. If you are accepted to the program the total grant will be calculated based on the days in your application and sent to you.

The mobility programme does not support any other costs incurred during the mobility period (costs for visa, residence permit, insurances etc. must be paid by the researcher his/herself).

Important information regarding ÅAU-Scholars on scholarship

Please also be aware that your travel will not be covered by any of ÅAUs travel insurance. Please make sure to have a travel insurance in place before leaving.

Grant payments

The grants are paid through Personnel Service and usually paid on the 15th or 30th of every month.

You will fill in a personal form with information regarding your bank details and Research Mobility coordinator will sort out the rest of the documents needed.

Updated 30.8.2023