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TESSU – Guidance together

TESSU – Guidance together



Project coordinator

JAMK Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu

Project partners

  • HAMK Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu
  • Åbo Akademi (guidance in Swedish)
  • Other partners

  • KOHTAAMO (ESF) – project
  • OHTO – project for more efficient guidance
  • Koordinaatti – Developmentcenter for youth information- and guidancework http://www.koordinaatti.fi/sv
  • Ohjaamojen tuki – project: low treshold service for young people and cross-sectoral networkdevelopment in Southern Savo
  • OSMO – Multicultural knowhow to the Navigators
  • Funded by

  • The project is financed by Osuva ohjaus which is part of the national ESF entirety Relevant know-how within the Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Budget

    1 070 384 euros

    Åbo Akademi University’s part of the budget

    69 651 euros (7%)

    tessu projekt logo

    TESSU supports the development of regional and local Navigators. The project offers custom-made consultation and guidance in order for the Navigators to strengthen their service ability, collaboration skills and interprofessional methods. The guidance is for the personnel of the Navigators and the management of the organizations that surround them.

    The Navigator is a service point that offers “low threshold service” for persons under 30 years. The concept is constructed on the Navigators’ interdisciplinary knowledge, guidance and support as well as the basic service and wide collaboration networks of different public authorities.

    TESSU offers the Navigators:

    • Consultation, sparring, facilitation and guidance for the Navigators and the management of the organizations that surround them.
    • Custom-made service for each Navigator according to requirements (implementation, contents, extent, timetable)
    • Guidance in Swedish (as well as Finnish)
    • Themes can be for example
    • Cross-sectoral and cross-occupational cooperation know-how within the information- and guidance services
    • Peer learning, development and maintenance of inner motivation

    In the Navigator activities

    • Coordination and management as quality factors within the Navigators’ customer service

    The objectives with TESSU support are:

    • That the information- and guidance services that the Navigators produce are customer oriented, including and flexible
    • The roles of the persons involved, the principal know-how and cooperation has become clear
    • Overlapping activities towards the customers have decreased while the purpose and productivity have increased

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    Contact us

    Satu Laitila

    Project Manager 

    Centre for Lifelong Learning