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Stig in2, Astuu sisään2, Come in2- Born to be Included



Funded by:

  • AMIF: Asyl- migrations- och integrationsfonden
  • Svenska Kulturfonden
  • Aktiastiftelsen i Vasa

Project coordinator:

Åbo Akademi, Centret för livslångt lärande


400 000 euros

Project partners:

  • Svenska social- och kommunalhögskolan vid Helsingfors universitet
  • Folkhälsan Utbildning AB
  • Föreningen Luckan rf

Åbo Akademi University’s part of the budget:

196 686 euros (49%)

Other partners:

  • Nordens välfärdscenter
  • Nuorisojärjestö Mahdin Nuoret
  • Mannerheims barnskyddsförbund
  • CEREN The Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism
  • Korsholms kommun
  • Institutet för mänskliga rättigheter vid Åbo Akademi
  • Helsingfors Stad
  • Svenska.fi
  • Åbo stad
  • NTM-centraler i Nyland/Österbotten och Egentliga Finland


Stig in2 logo

This is a collaboration project on integration. Based on experiences gained during the years 2017–20 (Stig in! Astu sisään! Come in!), the project will work based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the idea that children’s rights are the obligation of adults. The goal is that through our activities, we will be able to contribute to creating a society in which children and young people who come to Finland are not only integrated but are also included. We want to help ensure that children and young people do not fall between the cracks, that their voices are heard and that their best interests are considered in all sectors and by all bodies. To achieve this goal, we will work with providing competence development, and present research and good methods to all those active in the integration process.

We will launch three cross-sectoral development processes based in Ostrobothnia, South West Finland and Uusimaa. In the processes, we work with parent collaboration through using the peer-to-peer method, Mindspring, how to identify and support children experiencing traumatic stress in early childhood education and basic education and how to identify inherent systemic injustices in the regulations that surround us, clarify them and hopefully remedy them.

In the coming years, we will also continue to work on our previous website. We compile a multilingual collection of articles on the integration of children and young people and publish experiences from our processes.


Tillbaka till projektsidan


Contact us

Linda Ahlbäck

Education Planner 

Centre for Lifelong Learning


Tel. +358 503833837