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Turku PET Centre is a Finnish National Research Institute for the use of short-lived positron emitting isotopes in the field of medical research. The Centre was established in 1970s and it got National status in 1996. The functions of Turku PET Centre are based on the agreement between University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University and Turku University Hospital.

The Centre has two major functions:

  • high quality scientific research
  • diagnostic service for the whole country

The scientific research strategy of the Turku PET Centre involves six major topics:

All facilities are located in the University campus and clinics. The Centre consists of Accelerator Laboratory, Radiopharmaceutical chemistry laboratory, Preclinical and Clinical imaging laboratories.

Accelerator Laboratory

At present, the capabilities of the Accelerator Laboratory are based on the utilization of three cyclotrons, that which are located in the Turku University Hospital PET-building. Two of the cyclotrons, Advanced Cyclotron Systems Inc. TR-19 and Efremov Institute CC18/9 are utilized to meet the centres’ need of 18F and 11C isotopes for clinical diagnostics, clinical research and pre-clinical research. Other isotopes, mainly 64Cu are also produced for research purposes. Furher, an IBA Cyclone 3D cyclotron is dedicated to 15O production mainly for clinical diagnostics.

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Contact us

Mikael Bergelin
Accelerator laboratory
Kiinamyllynkatu 4-8
FIN-20520 Turku
tel: +358 2 313 3554
mobile: +358 50 409 6412

Updated 4.11.2020