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Åbo Universitet


  • University of Leeds
  • Karolinska Institute
  • University of Bergen
  • Åbo Akademi University
  • University of Eastern Finland
  • Rahoittaja

  • EU Erasmus+ Programme
  • Network for Virtual Lab & Interactive Simulated Online Learning 2027

    The  role for ÅAU in Envision_2027 is to direct the evaluation of teamworking as a teaching and learning tool. ÅAU hosts three (out of total 5) case courses from the biochemistry curriculum for the project. We generate shared tools for teamwork  monitoring, student and teacher evaluation, as well as guidelines for teachers to help on group work implementation at their courses. During the project we also monitor student experience on the group work outcome.

    Two  courses in ÅAU test the use of Labster virtual laboratory in laboratory teaching. The use of virtual laboratories is coordinated from Karolinska Institute.

    The ENVISION_2027 project will address both the current need of transitioning from conventional classroom teaching of Bioscience studies into digital remote teaching, as well as improving the current status of online teaching and e-learning course modules across Europe for the future needs.

    The main objective of the ENVISION_2027 project is to innovate new e-learning course modules, which would provide the students a possibility to do laboratory exercises online and engage actively in teamwork in digital environments.


    ENVISION_2027 Symposium

    Bridging from Remote to in-Person Teaching in Turku on 25th May (register by 15th May)

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