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Housing in Vasa

Housing in Vasa

Exchange students apply for housing themselves. Remember to start applying for housing in time!

Student housing at Lärkan

Exchange students participating in exchange programs in Vasa can apply for accommodation in student apartments in ackommodation called Lärkan. Lärkan is located 1,2 km from the Åbo Akademi University, close to the railway station and the city centre.

More information about the student apartments in Lärkan and how to apply can be found on their website at studiebostader.fi.

The apartments in Lärkan are usually shared, but students have a private bedroom and bathroom. The apartments are furnished, but only with the basics (bed, chair, closet, table). Please note that bedlinen and curtains are not included. The Student Union runs the Starting Package service, more information on the starting package can be found here: Before the exchange.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to have a valid Finnish home insurance before you are able to collect your keys at Lärkan. Please make sure that you arrange Finnish home insurance before you arrive to Finland, and show evidence of your home insurance before you go to collect your keys from Lärkan.

Instructions on how to purchase Finnish home insurance in Finland from OP:

  • Email OP at the following email address with the following information: customerservice@op.fi
  • Details:
    • Details of the apartment you will live in: (You should get this information from Lärkan)
      • Address of the apartment
      • Size of apartment in square meters (if you only have a room then only give the size of the room)
      • The year the apartment was built
    • A copy of your passport attached in the email
    • Your phone number

Other accommodation options

For other accommodation possibilities in Vasa, please look at voas.fi (student housing) or vuokraovi.com (private market).

Updated 14.8.2023