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The Campus in Vasa:

Åbo Akademi University – Vasa campus is located in the city of Vasa, often called the sunniest city in Finland. Vasa is a university city with many institutions of higher education bringing over 13,000 students to the area. The city of Vasa is situated on the west coast of Finland with direct connections to Helsingfors (Helsinki) and Stockholm, Sweden. The region is one of the most innovative in Finland and an important centre for Finland-Swedish culture. The Vasa campus is small and friendly with easy access to services and outdoor activities. The location and university have been very highly rated by international students over the years.

Vasa is a bilingual city – most inhabitants speak Finnish and Swedish well and use both languages in their everyday life. The city also has a lively university feel, with many cultural activities and social outlets for students to participate in.



Updated 18.3.2021