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Swedish Language

Swedish Language

Major subject – Swedish Language

Swedish Language is a subject that provides a broad and versatile perspective on Swedish and the Nordic languages, with a focus on the functioning, variation and evolution of the language. The studies will provide you with theoretical and methodological tools for analysing non-fiction texts and literary texts, spoken language, regional varieties of spoken language, the links between language and social categories (such as age, gender, class, ethnicity), the processes of linguistic evolution, language attitudes and power structures, language learning, multilingualism etc. The studies also include courses in other Nordic languages as well as Nordic literature and culture.

You can study Swedish Language regardless of your native language and language of school education. There are four alternative specialisation lines: general studies, subject teacher studies, cultural management, and language and economics. If you choose general studies, you can freely combine Swedish Language with any other subject offered at Åbo Akademi University. In subject teacher studies intended for teachers of Swedish as a first language, Swedish Language is combined with Literature and pedagogical studies, whereas in teacher studies intended for teachers of Swedish as a second/foreign language, Swedish Language is combined with any other subject and pedagogical studies. In cultural management studies, Swedish Language is accompanied by Cultural Management plus another elective minor subject. Students choosing the language and economics specialisation will study, along with Swedish Language, another language and Business Administration. The subject Swedish Language also offers a module of Nordic languages as a minor subject.

Courses in Swedish are normally given in the form of group instruction. Students are expected to actively engage in discussion and conduct their own scientific studies. Examinations are usually taken in the form of research reports and essays.

Students have excellent opportunities for exchange studies at other Nordic and European universities. Summer courses are also offered every in the Nordic countries. These courses may be included in Swedish Language studies.

As with teaching, research also deals with various perspectives on the structure, functions, variation and evolution of the Swedish language. The research focuses on, for example, spoken language and dialects, multilingualism and minority languages, non-fiction texts and literary texts, authoring, language and cognition, language, gender and sexuality, and Old Swedish.


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