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Social Policy

Social Policy

Major subject – Social Policy

Our society is constantly changing and the changes result in often unknown but long-term social consequences. Social Policy studies these consequences and their effects on welfare and social security in society. Through your studies you will gain excellent competence for a critical analysis of issues that concern, for example, the labour market, sociopolitical decision-making, income distribution, poverty and equality in society. You will also learn how to find solutions to social problems. In addition to knowledge about the origin, development, functioning and influence of Social Policy, and the interaction between different actors in the Finnish society, you will also gain insights into social policies at the Nordic and global level.

If you have chosen Social Policy as your major subject, you have excellent opportunities to make yourself a unique professional profile for working life in accordance with your own interests. Apart from your major subject studies, language studies and elective courses, you can freely select one or more minor subjects offered at Åbo Akademi University. Social Policy is also a useful minor subject for students majoring in, for example, Development Psychology or other major subjects.

There are several focal points in research with relevance to education in the social sciences, such as, geriatric research, research related to children, youth and families, research concerning the health status, living conditions and welfare among the Finnish population, demographics of Finland Swedes, aggression research (including bullying and harassment at schools and workplaces), research of conflict mediation and resolution, research of child abuse and gaming addiction, media research, crisis psychological research as well as research related to rural, urban and environmental issues.

Major studies in Social Policy give you access to a wide field of interesting research, planning, development and management tasks in the social sector, both in the public and private sectors, but also in the third sector. You can work with both children and young people, but also with adult clients and the elderly. If you have studied social work in addition to social policy, you will become a qualified social worker. Some of our graduates today work as customer advisors, planners or administrators at Kela or similar organisations. Others hold leading positions in the social sector, such as social directors or elderly care leaders. A third group of graduates work as social workers, family workers, teachers, executive managers, researchers or journalists. Your expertise in welfare and social security opens many doors, both locally and globally!


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