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Russian Language and Literature

Russian Language and Literature

Major subject – Russian Language and Literature

The language is the key to Russian society and culture. As a student of Russian Language and Literature, you will learn to master this exciting language, all the way from correct pronunciation to academic writing. Your practical proficiency will be reinforced and expanded by a theoretical knowledge of the composition and structures of the Russian language, insights into the rich Russian culture and literature, as well as knowledge of the Russian history and traditions. Russian is a challenging language to learn. Through your studies you will not only gain access to a new language but also to a new culture, while also enhancing your understanding of cultural differences in general. Russian Language and Literature is an optimal choice for you if you like languages and challenges and are curious to learn about Russia and the Russian culture. It is also a good choice if Russian is spoken in your family and you want to progress to an academic level.

You can start studies in Russian Language and Literature without any previous knowledge of Russian. In this case, you must first take three courses in Russian at the Centre for Language and Communication. You will choose between the lines of language studies (with a general line of studies or specialisation in language and economics) or subject teacher studies.  For students in the general line, suitable minor subjects include, for example, other languages or subjects in the field of history or social sciences. Students specialising in language and economics will study Business Administration as their minor subject. Students in the teacher training line will take both pedagogical studies and studies in another teaching subject as their long minor subjects. All students will have a practical language training period in Russia. Russian Language and Literature may even be studied as a minor subject by students majoring in other subjects.

As with teaching, research also deals with various perspectives on the structure, functions, variation and evolution of the Russian language. It focuses on, for example, different types of texts, spoken language, language and gender, language and age, the historical development of the language, language for special purposes (jargon), online language, language learning and development, as well as the language in literature.

Literary research focuses on the study of various literary genres and texts from different periods. It can deal with the language in fiction as well as a broad spectrum of characteristics belonging to the authorship or specific works, such as the gender perspective, social aspects or biographies.


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