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Public Law (minor subject)

Public Law (minor subject)

The activities of states, municipalities and the EU have an impact on us all both at individual and societal levels. The relationships between authorities and individuals as well as those between the various authorities are regulated by public law. Students of Public Law will study the use and control of public power, and learn about constitutional, administrative, EU and environmental law, about basic, language and human rights, and about autonomy. The scope of Public Law is extensive and during your studies you will gain an insight into multiple areas, ranging from the selling of snuff in Åland and the rules of export and import to guaranteed access to dental care or the application of animal protection legislation. Studies in Public Law often have a comparative approach.

As a student of Public Law you will study mandatory courses and can choose from a wide range of elective courses. This will give you an opportunity to specialise in areas that interest you the most and tailor a profile you want and need. Public Law can easily be combined with minor subjects from other social sciences, which will further enhance your possibilities to specialise. The subject is also well suited as a minor subject for future economists and social scientists.

As of 1.8.2023 it is no longer possible to choose Public Law as your main subject.

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