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Major subject – Psychology

In different phases of life, we may need help into understanding ourselves and finding a way out of difficult situations. Psychology deals with human ideas, emotions, behaviours and relationships. As a student of Psychology, you will learn, for example, how our brain functions, which factors in the environment affect human behaviour and identity development, or how people act in different groups. Your psychological competence will be useful in various situations, for example, in dealing with memory problems or learning difficulties, functional disabilities, mental issues (for example, eating disorders, anxiety, depression or phobias), rehabilitation, crime investigation, work environment surveys at schools and workplaces, and occupational aptitude tests.

Education in Psychology is diversified and the advanced studies include clinical courses to link the theoretical knowledge with practical applications. In addition to Åbo Akademi University’s broad offering, you can also take courses offered by the University of Turku, Novia University of Applied Sciences, or Psykonet (Finnish University Network of Psychology). The studies also include a practical training period of five months. As a Psychology student, you can choose to take elective courses, one long minor or two short minor subjects to supplement your major subject studies. All students at Åbo Akademi University may take Psychology as a short minor subject, and the future subject teachers of psychology shall complete the minor subject module for subject teachers.

Research in Psychology at Åbo Akademi University focuses on, among others, the following areas of research:

  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Sexology
  • Psycholinguistics and bilingualism
  • Aggression research
  • Legal psychology
  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Behaviour genetics



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