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Major subject – Literature

Literature opens doors into new worlds, different eras and various world views. The discipline Literature involves the study of poetry, drama, short stories and novels. You will learn about authoring of fiction or belles-lettres and the reception and influence of literature through history. You will be introduced to classics and genres such as literature for children and youths or popular fiction, as well as the boundary areas between literature and other media. You will learn how to analyse and discuss literature from different perspectives, often from a historical but also, for example, aesthetical, sociological and existential perspectives. The studies will develop your ability to think in abstracts, while contributing to the process of education where your insights into the human condition are developed along with your capacity for introspection.

Literature studies will help you find the essential in a plethora of texts, but also focus on a deeper analysis. You will have a great deal of freedom to choose your courses after the compulsory studies, and you can freely combine Literature with various minor subjects. If your intention is to become a teacher of Swedish as a first language, you will need to study both Literature and Swedish Language – either of which can be your major subject – in combination with minor studies in Education. Literature may also be studied as a minor subject by students majoring in other subjects.

The areas of interest in research within the subject of Literature at Åbo Akademi University have traditionally included, among others, children’s literature, Finland-Swedish playwriting, history of criticism, women’s literature genres, intermediality, modernism and popular fiction.


Visiting address

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Åbo Akademi University
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